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Hair Minimizer

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Body Hair Minimizer

Advanced science body hair reducing cream helps maximize the effects of shaving, tweezing and waxing. This unique formula works in two ways, first by inducing the catagen state of hair growth to stop hair from growing and then second by suppressing keratinocyte production so that existing hair grows slower. Formulated with vitamin E for protecting & conditioning benefits and witch hazel water to prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Skip Shaving

    This unique formula works by first inducing the catagen stage of hair growth. This stops hair from growing. Then, it suppresses keratinocyte production to make existing hair grow slower.

  • Fewer Ingrown Hairs

    Keramene contains witch hazel, to battle inflammation and reduce ingrown hairs.

Thinner, Softer, Less Visible Body Hair
Nobody wants to battle with unsightly body hair. Keramene® thins, softens, and reduces the appearance of body hair.
Smooth, Beautiful Skin
Keramene® decreases body hair while also nourishing skin, for a fresh, glowing appearance.
Ideal for Sensitive Areas
Thanks to its gentle yet effective compounds, Keramene is perfect for use on the back, bikini area, legs, and arms.
Unlike other products, Keramene won’t inflame or irritate skin. Featuring powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients like Witch Hazel, Keramene helps reduce swelling and inflammation on your most delicate skin.
Spend Less Time Maintaining
Keramene makes it possible to spend less time waxing, shaving, or tweezing. By stunting hair growth, this advanced formula gives you hours back each month.
High-Quality Conditioning
You can’t address body hair without also conditioning the areas in question. Keramene provides robust moisturizing for healthier skin.
Who needs KERAMENE
  • Men & Women
  • Excessive or unwanted body hair
  • For use in areas such as the face, legs, and bikini zone
For maximum results, apply a generous layer of Keramene® twice per day to the desired areas. To accelerate results, shave or wax prior to applying Keramene®. After achieving desired results, it is possible to switch to once per day. Continue treatment to maintain hair-free skin.

Clinically Proven

Your search for products that actually work is over. Our collection is proven effective by extensive clinical studies and testing.

Technologically Superior

We rigorously test and verify all claims through clinical studies that support product effectiveness. If a compound or ingredient has not been verified through such means, it will not be used in our products.

Dermatologist Recommended

Many products contain harsh ingredients that may harm your skin and hair. Ours don't. Our collection is designed, tested, and recommended by thousands of dermatologists, so you can rest assured you're getting the best treatment.

Best Rated By Real People

Don't take our word for it—ask our customers. We have over 10,000 5-star reviews, and more coming in every day. Our customers love our products and so will you!
Clinical Studies
First and foremost, DS Laboratories is a technology company aggressively focused on innovation. All our products have active pharmaceutical ingredients that ensure the best quality and provide high added value.
4 KEY growth-REDUCING ingredients
Apple Polyphenol
Polyphenol derived from apples has power effects on preventing and reversing oxidation, inflammation, and glycation. It also promotes keratin production in hair follicles for increased growth.
Palmitic Acid
Palmitic Acid contains high levels of antioxidants, which help prevent free radical damage to the skin. This promotes a radiant, youthful appearance.
Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA)
Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) reduces inflammatory responses in skin. It also hydrates and conditions.
Hamamelis Virginiana
Hamamelis Virginiana, or Witch Hazel, is a powerful skin conditioner. Known to enhance the appearance of damaged skin, Witch Hazel moisturizes and prevents flaking.
Nanodome advanced
Advanced Nanosome Delivery System encapsulates key active ingredients and delivers them to the scalp and skin for a prolonged release and higher efficacy.
Good for you,
Good for the planet
We take our commitment to the environment seriously, both in our products and our packaging. To that end, we recently introduced Oxo-biodegradable packaging. It's the same great product, with 90% less waste.
Consistency = Success
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