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Code of ethics


The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of DIVINE SKIN, INC. (the “Company”) has adopted the following Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the “Code”) for all directors, officers, and employees of the Company. This Code is intended to focus all such parties on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance to directors and officers to help them recognize and deal with ethical issues, provide mechanisms to report unethical conduct, and help foster a culture of honesty and accountability. Each director, officer, and employee must comply with the letter and spirit of this Code.

No code or policy can anticipate every situation that may arise. Accordingly, this Code is intended to serve as a source of guiding principles for directors, officers, and employees. Directors, officers, and employees are encouraged to bring questions about particular circumstances that may involve one or more of the provisions of this Code to the attention of the Board which may consult with inside or outside legal counsel as appropriate.



Each director, officer, and employee is expected to adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct. The good name of any corporation depends on the way it conducts its business and the way the public perceives that conduct. Unethical actions, or the appearance of unethical actions, are not acceptable. Directors, officers, and employees are expected to be guided by the following principles in carrying out their responsibilities:

Loyalty. No director, officer, or employee should be, or appear to be, subject to influences, interests or relationships that conflict with the best interests of the Company.

Compliance with Applicable Laws. The Company, its directors, officers, and its employees are expected to comply with laws and regulations applicable to the Company’s activities.
Observance of Ethical Standards. In the conduct of their duties, each director, officer, and employee must adhere to high ethical standards. These include honesty and fairness.